Hear from the heart of Jonathan David and Melissa Helser. Songs, videos and teachings gathered from their journey.

“As our community has entered into this beautiful season of Advent, we have been experiencing some remarkable times of worship. In the middle of the pressure, the presence of Jesus has been lifting us up to see the way that He sees.” - Jonathan Helser

This is a followup worship moment to our last episode (“Yield”). You can watch a full length video of this moment on our Cageless Birds Youtube Channel, as well as listen on the Tribl Music app!

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In this episode, recorded live at WorshipU in Redding, CA, Jonathan sits down at a piano and shares one song from each of the albums he has recorded over the last 14 years, detailing the story and process behind writing them.

To learn more about Jonathan and Melissa, and their ministry, go to http://jonathanhelser.com and http://cagelessbirds.com

For more information about WorshipU, go to http://WorshipU.com 

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In this episode Melissa tells the story behind the song, "Mountain High," and leads an extended time of worship at one of our recent Carolina Worship Nights. You can watch the full video of this live worship moment and many others on our Cageless Birds YouTube Channel!

*DUE TO COVID19 we have had to cancel many of our upcoming dates and tours. For the most up to date information, go to www.jonathanhelser.com.

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“Anyone who walks in true authority has had tremendous tension in their lives, where they made choice, after choice, after choice.” In this episode, Melissa shares on why she began singing, and reflects on walking with the Lord through seasons of suffering.


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In this episode Justina, Art Director for The Cageless Birds, sat down with Melissa to ask her questions about working out healthy relationships with God and people, in light of the release of our fifth volume of Cultivate, “The Art of Connection.”

To learn more about Cultivate, and to order our newest volume, go to shop.cagelessbirds.com, or www.cagelessbirds.com/cultivate/

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Creativity is our birthright as sons and daughters created in the image of God. It’s not just about the songs we write, or the art we create. It doesn’t only belong to artists. Being creative is about the everyday 98% of our lives we walk out in family, relationships, work, and rest. This message is an invitation to walk out our creative identity and create new worlds in every realm of life.

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To learn more about Cultivate head over to:


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