Hear from the heart of Jonathan David and Melissa Helser. Songs, videos and teachings gathered from their journey.

“As our community has entered into this beautiful season of Advent, we have been experiencing some remarkable times of worship. In the middle of the pressure, the presence of Jesus has been lifting us up to see the way that He sees.” - Jonathan Helser

This is a followup worship moment to our last episode (“Yield”). You can watch a full length video of this moment on our Cageless Birds Youtube Channel, as well as listen on the Tribl Music app!

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“On December 1 we had our weekly time of worship and prayer as a community. We were overcome with the beauty of the Advent Season and experienced a deep time of prayer and worship reflecting back on this last year, engaging the longing for the Christ. We hope you enjoy this RAW live spontaneous moment, wherever you find yourself in this season.” - Melissa Helser

You can also listen to this extended worship moment on TRIBL, an app created for sharing live moments of worship. http://triblmusic.com/apple

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