Hear from the heart of Jonathan David and Melissa Helser. Songs, videos and teachings gathered from their journey.

In this message shared at WorshipU, Jonathan gives a call to live and lead from our encounters with Jesus, and to measure success by how much love and family are produced.


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Creativity is our birthright as sons and daughters created in the image of God. It’s not just about the songs we write, or the art we create. It doesn’t only belong to artists. Being creative is about the everyday 98% of our lives we walk out in family, relationships, work, and rest. This message is an invitation to walk out our creative identity and create new worlds in every realm of life.

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“There is a way to live above the storm — to stay connected to the Father, to the Person of Jesus, and to the beautiful friendship of the Holy Spirit. There’s a way to actually thrive in life, even when it’s crazy.” In this episode, Melissa shares a hope-filled message from her own story on the power of vulnerability and our need for connection.




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Part 2 of Graham Cooke's recent message at our 18 Inch Journey school, "The Power of Instead", an Isaiah 61 invitation to live in the "Instead's" that God has for our lives.




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It’s our pleasure in this episode to introduce a dear friend of ours, Graham Cooke, as he shares a powerful message at our school, the 18 Inch Journey! This is an Isaiah 61 invitation for us to receive God's "Instead's" for our lives.

Check out www.brilliantperspectives.com or www.brillianttv.com for more about Graham and his ministry.



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In this episode, Jonathan shares from his own story his thoughts on the power of generations carrying the presence of God together, and passing on the blessing.

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