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Today we are launching our 18 Inch Journey Campus Campaign! Our first goal of the campaign is to build a classroom for our school. We’re so excited because we’ve already raised the first half of what we need. To complete this goal, we need to raise 100,000 dollars by September 1st so that the classroom is ready for our 2017 school! To find out more about our school and how you can team up with us, go to <https://www.generosity.com/faith-religion-fundraising/18-inch-journey-classroom>

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Jonathan shares powerful stories and revelation on the Father's presence bringing rest from pressure in our lives.

***Next month we will be switching to 1 Podcast episode per month, released every first Thursday***

For more information on our ministry, resources, and scheduled dates, go to www.jonathanhelser.com

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Jonathan shares on the power of knowing, and living from your new name. Recorded in Dubai at the end of 2016.

For more information on our ministry, music, and other resources, go to www.jonathanhelser.com 

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