Hear from the heart of Jonathan David and Melissa Helser. Songs, videos and teachings gathered from their journey.
Jonathan sharing on Abba’s Furious Love during the "18 Inch Journey". This is part two of a three-part podcast.
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Jonathan reading an excerpt from "The Furious Longing of
God" by Brennan Manning during the "18 Inch Journey". This is part one of a three-part podcast.
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Here's a quick glimpse into the 2012 18 Inch Journey. Hear from the students' perspective as they share the story of their two month school. We hope this video gives you clarity into the 18 Inch Journey and A Place for the Heart.

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Jonathan Helser and Molly Skaggs sing “You See” at the Heavy Rain Conference in Toronto, Canada. For more go to: catchthefire.tv
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Jonathan & Melissa Helser share the heart of the 18 Inch Journey.
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A new message from Jonathan David Helser
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Jonathan David Helser on how to play his song “You’re Never Giving Up”.
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A look inside the tracking of “Threshing Floor” by Jonathan David Helser at Threshing Floor studios in Lincolnton NC.
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New Worship Albums from Jonathan David & Melissa Helser coming this winter!
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In June 2011, Songs of Water came to A Place for the Heart to do a private House concert for the 18 Inch Journey. This is their song Bread & Circus.
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