Hear from the heart of Jonathan David and Melissa Helser. Songs, videos and teachings gathered from their journey.
A look inside the tracking of “Threshing Floor” by Jonathan David Helser at Threshing Floor studios in Lincolnton NC.
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New Worship Albums from Jonathan David & Melissa Helser coming this winter!
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In June 2011, Songs of Water came to A Place for the Heart to do a private House concert for the 18 Inch Journey. This is their song Bread & Circus.
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Jonathan Helser speaks at Fire & Fragrance school in Kona Hawaii.
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A Christmas song from Jonathan & Melissa Helser filmed in one take on their back porch.
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Jonathan Helser teaches on prophetic worship.
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Raw footage of a spontaneous moment in the tracking of "You're Never Giving Up" at "Threshing Floor Studios" in Lincolnton, North Carolina on Nov. 18, 2007.
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One take on the Oregon shore.
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One take in Dublin Ireland, with Luke Skaggs on the Fiddle
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A moment of worship with Jonathan & Melissa in Winston-Salem NC
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